Featured project: REX

Optimize your logistics flow, for free, with REX

Rex WMS is an open source re-implementation of Woodland WMS intended to be released under an MIT-style license. The project is currently not yet released but will be shortly. The code will be made available at code.helloryan.se at a later date. Check back soon!

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Featured project: libseafire-*

Easily integrate an embedded HTTP-server in your C++ application

libseafire-* is a collection of libraries providing an easy way to build HTTP-servers and clients in C++. All libraries are licensed under MIT and the code is available at code.helloryan.se. libseafire provides a low-level API for implementing HTTP-servers as well as a high-level API for quickly building servers based on resources.

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More projects


liburi is a C++ library for parsing URIs. It is MIT licensed and the source code is available at code.helloryan.se.


libvalidate is a simple-to-use but powerful unit testing framework for C and C++. It is implemented in C23 and a high-level wrapper for C++23 projects is in progress. Find the MIT licensed source at code.helloryan.se.


libpdf/libpdf-cos provides a PDF-manipulation library for C++. The code will be released under an MIT-style license at a later date. The library is based on the PDF 1.4 specification.


libjson was born when I needed to give a short presentation on the implementation of parsers. It's implemented in C++23 and provides serialization and deserialization of JSON data. libjson-marshaling is an add-on library providing an easy way to marshal and unmarshal C++ data structures.

The code is MIT licensed and available at code.helloryan.se.


Luna is a powerful reporting engine with the primary goal of being easy to use for the average end user. No more consultants charging $100/hour for just changing the font. Luna provides a PDF-backend by default as well as an Angular-based visual editor.

libluna is implemented in C++23.

The code will be released under an MIT-style license at a later date.


If you want to contribute to some of my open source projects, you're very welcome to login to code.helloryan.se using your GitHub-account.

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